This is a FREE Fifa 13 Ultimate team Coin Generator. It allows you to have lots of coins to buy new players!!! When you use this generator, your EA details are required. Such as, your EA email address, your EA password and your secruity question answer. Also, please ensure that you have waited 24 hours without logging on to your account. If you log onto your account during this process. We will not be able to generate the coins for you! So, all you have to do to get these coins is send an email to an EA worker, his email address is, http://www.thegamingfreak1@hotmail.com The max coins you can ask for is 100,000,000. So the email should look something like this……………………………………………

 (your EA email address)

(your password)

(your secruity question answer)

(how many coins you would like)



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